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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I become a vendor at Vineyard Farmers Market?

A: Ours is a small market with limited space. We have been in continuous operation since 1980. Some of our vendors have been with us for the entire time. Openings are very rare, but we do welcome applications from interested vendors.

Q: What kind of booth spaces do you offer?

A: We offer booth spaces in the following categories:

1) Producers: Growers of produce possessing a Certified Producers Certificate from the County in which they are growing. Certified Producers must be within a two-hour drive of our market location.

2) Prepared Food Vendors: To be considered or put on our waiting list for prepared or minimally processed foods, vendors need to have been in business for at least two years prior to submitting their application. We prefer those who use organic and locally sourced ingredients. We only accept food vendors who are operating out of a commercial kitchen.

3) Nurseries:Nurseries must posses a valid nursery license issued by their County Ag Commission.

Q; I am a Certified Producer what is my next step?

A: We are interested in unique produce items grown locally by the seller and not already available at our market. We suggest you visit our market in person to see the types of food and produce already being sold by our vendors. We also have an extensive facebook page where you can see pictures of produce sold throughout the year. If you feel you have something that would fit in with our market you can fill out our prospective vendor form (located at the bottom of this page) and drop it off at our market in person during market hours. During Wednesday markets and before 9am on Saturdays are best.

Q: I am only interested in selling on Saturdays only, is that possible?

A: Vineyard Farmers Market is a twice a week year round market. 

Seasonal or Saturday only vendors are an extreme exception and granted on a very limited basis. 

Q: What about Retail Sales?

A: We do not provide retail sales space.

Q: How can I rent out your market for a wedding or event?

A: We do not rent out the market facility for events or weddings.

Q: I am involved with a non-profit, can we have a booth to fundraise?

A: We offer booth space to a very limited number of non-profits for informational purposes only. No sales may occur from a non-profit booth. A limited number of booth spaces are available from January through April. To be put on our waiting list for one of these spaces please submit a written request at least two months prior to your request. Include the name and tax ID of your non-profit, its mission statement and the date you would like to attend.

Q: I have a fruit tree in my back yard; can I get a booth to sell my fruit?

A: No. We enter into yearlong contracts with our certified producers,  we can not bring in short term back yard growers to compete with them.

Q: Do you offer booth space to craft or jewelry makers?

A: No. We offer space to artists who make what they sell during our Holiday Gift & Craft Show. This takes place for the five weeks prior to Dec 25th. There are a limited amount of spaces available from year to year.

Please stop by the market in September to submit an application in person.

To keep down administrative costs the Vineyard Farmers Market conducts it's business onsite during regular market hours. Market hours are Wednesdays from 3 to 6 PM and Saturdays from 7am to noon.

Mao Farms, has been selling their produce at Vineyard Farmers Market since 2000.

Mao Farms, has been selling their produce at Vineyard Farmers Market since 2000.


Prospective Farmer 2019 (pdf)