Vineyard Farmers Market will remain OPEN as an essential business.

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Our Community

Our Community

Vineyard Farmers Market provides the finest quality, locally grown, fruits and vegetables direct from the grower and is dedicated to providing your family with a healthy grocery experience - year round! 


Our Community

Our Community

Our Community

The Vineyard Market operates twice a week, year round for our valley neighbors to have access to  fresh produce and locally produced food items direct from the source.
Wednesdays: 3PM - 6PM
Saturdays: 7AM - Noon
rain or shine!


Our Policy

Our Community

Our Policy

Please, for everyone's health and safety we do not allow smoking nor dogs (or any live animal) at our farmers market.
"Emotional support", "comfort" or "therapy dogs" are NOT considered to be Service Animals.

Featured Vendors


Vine Ripe Tomatoes

Fabiano's Coffee Roasters

Vine Ripe Tomatoes

Rocio and Augustine Agraz harvest Vine Ripe tomatoes year round for our farmers market. Located in Handford, Ca, They operate 4 greenhouses filled with tomatoes cucumber and basil. They also grow outdoors in the summer months bringing corn, peaches, plums, beets and radishes.


Bee Bob's Honey

Fabiano's Coffee Roasters

Vine Ripe Tomatoes

One of our original vendors Bee Bob has been selling fresh local  honey at our market since 1980. He maintains hive in coastal, high elevations and at some of our vendors local farms. 

Bob is not attending market during our Shelter In Pace Orders, but you can find his honey at the Top of the Hill jam stand.


Fabiano's Coffee Roasters

Fabiano's Coffee Roasters

Fabiano's Coffee Roasters

Fabiano's Coffee Roasters has been providing freshly roasted coffee from around the world  to Fresno since 1992.

Not only do they roast an array of delicious international coffee beans but they also provide water processed decaffeinated coffee as well as specialty flavored blends.


Vineyard Farmers Market will remain OPEN as an essential bus

What's in season?

"Fresno residents are fortunate to have this cathedral - like structure devoted to fresh local produce." 
Alice Waters;
Executive Chef, Founder, and Owner of Chez Panisse
Berkeley, California

"Please know that the Vineyard Market 
has a permanent place in my heart as the best market in California!"
James Overbaugh;
Vice President, Food and Beverage Operations
The Peninsula Hotels

Vineyard Farmers Market provides the citizens of Fresno County access to the freshest locally grown produce available on a bi-weekly basis - year round. 

Our growers farm within a two hour drive of our market location, most within a 50 mile drive.
Our growers operate small family farms in Fresno, Madera and Kings County and are active in their local communities. Our growers agree to a farm tour of their properties prior to joining our market and every two years afterwards.  
We are very proud of our family of growers and producers and what they are able to supply to our customers on a year round basis. Please refer to the chart below or visit our facebook page for up to date photos of what you can expect to find at Vineyard Farmers Market year round - twice a week!

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If you have a specific question regarding one of our growers or commodities feel free to send us an email using the form at the bottom of this page or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking the "Find Out More" button below.

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100 West Shaw Avenue, Fresno, California 93704, United States


Wednesdays: 3PM - 6PM
Saturdays: 7AM - Noon