Our Vendors

2020 Vendor List:

∆∆∆  Vineyard Farmers Market  Vendor List 2020 ∆∆∆
100 West Shaw • Fresno, Ca 93704
Weds 3 to 6 PM • Sat 7am to Noon
Year Round Market • We happily accept EBT

Perfect Edge KNIFE SHARPENING will not be attending during the Shelter In Place Orders.
(Please visit www.2sharpen.com for more precise info)

Koda Farms (Award winning local rice is not be attending during the Shelter In Place Orders)

Your LOCAL Vegetable growers;
~ Cheng & Mao’s Produce (boy choy, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce) 

~ Couture Farms C.C.O.F. (Organic asparagus & pistachios)
~ Garcia Farms (walnuts, kale, potatoes, winter squash, quince)

~ Marchini Sisters (olive oil, fennel, kale, beets, raddichio, almonds)

~ Soul Organic Produce C.C.O.F.  (lettuce, shallots, garlic, 

     fresh herbs, broccolini, apples and potatoes),
~ Thao Farms (carrots, radish, beets, bok choy)  
~ Vine Ripe Tomatoes (tomatoes, carrots, garlic, beets, cauliflower)

LOCAL Fruit Growers: 

~ Mendoza Farms C.C.O.F. (organic and conventional strawberries)

~ Thor Farms (early season blueberries)
~ V.T. Iwo Ranches (apples, asian pears, avocados, quince and persimmons) 

~ Three Sisters Organics C.C.O.F. (grapes, raisins, nuts, dried fruit)

Local Specialty Growers:
~ Bill Ferry Ranches (fresh squeezed orange juice)
~ Dairy Goddess O.T.C.O.(Cheese, Kefir and certified organic pastured eggs) 

~ E& H Farms (Certified Organic Mushrooms)

~ Microgreens Depot (radish, sunflower, cabbage, broccoli, and kale microgreens)

~ Rocky Oaks Creamery (8 varieties of local artisanal goat cheese)

~ Roots Farming (Heritage Mangalitsa pork and pork products)

~ Tasty Cows (grass fed beef from Sanger)

~ Whole Systems AG/ Laurel Botanicals (FLOWERS, plant starts and good vibes!) 

Artisan Food Vendors: 

~ Fabiano’s Coffee Roasters (locally roasted coffee)
~ La Boulangerie (French breads and pastries),
~ Top of the Hill Jams & Dried Fruit

Not currently attending market:

~ Erickson Cherries  (local cherries - May 11 start date)

~ Pan American  M.A.O. Oasis (peaches, plums, herbs, figs, grapes)

~ Triple Delight Blueberry C.C.O.F. (organic blueberries) Starts May 2, 2020

~ Mediterranean To Go (Middle Eastern Food),  

~ Raphio Craft Chocolate (locally roasted single source chocolate, chocolate nibs)

Vineyard Farmers Market accepts EBT.

Remember, we are here for you on the Northwest corner of Blackstone and Shaw, every Wednesday from 3 to 6 PM and every Saturday from 7am to noon, rain or shine, year round.

Representing local small family farms since 1980.