Our Vendors

2019 Vendor List:

∆∆∆  Vineyard Farmers Market  Vendor List 2020 ∆∆∆
100 West Shaw • Fresno, Ca 93704
Weds 3 to 6 PM • Sat 7am to Noon
Year Round Market • We happily accept EBT

Perfect Edge KNIFE SHARPENING typically on the 2nd Saturday of the month.
(Please visit www.2sharpen.com for more precise info)

Koda Farms (Award winning local rice is on a rotating Once a Month schedule)

Your LOCAL Vegetable growers;
~ Cheng & Mao’s Produce (boy choy, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce) 

~ Couture Farms C.C.O.F. (Organic asparagus & pistachios)
~ Garcia Farms (walnuts, kale, potatoes, winter squash, quince)

~ Marchini Sisters (olive oil, fennel, kale, beets, raddichio, almonds)

~ Soul Organic Produce C.C.O.F.  (lettuce, shallots, garlic, 

     fresh herbs, broccolini, apples and potatoes),
~ Thao Farms (carrots, radish, beets, bok choy)  
~ Vine Ripe Tomatoes (tomatoes, carrots, garlic, beets, cauliflower)

LOCAL Fruit Growers: 

~ Blossom Bluff Orchards: (peaches, plums, apricots, dried persimmons)

~ Pan American  M.A.O. Oasis (peaches, plums, herbs, figs, grapes)
~ V.T. Iwo Ranches (apples, asian pears, avocados, quince and persimmons) 

~ Three Sisters Organics C.C.O.F. (grapes, raisins, nuts, dried fruit)

Local Specialty Growers:
~ Bill Ferry Ranches (fresh squeezed orange juice)
~ Dairy Goddess O.T.C.O.(Cheese, Kefir and certified organic pastured eggs) 

~ E& H Farms (Certified Organic Mushrooms)

~ Microgreens Depot (radish, sunflower, cabbage, broccoli, and kale microgreens)

~ Roots Farming (Heritage Mangalitsa pork and pork products)

~ Tasty Cows (grass fed beef from Sanger)

~ Whole Systems AG/ Laurel Botanicals (FLOWERS, plant starts and good vibes!) 

Artisan Food Vendors: 

~ Fabiano’s Coffee Roasters (locally roasted coffee)
~ La Boulangerie (French breads and pastries),
~ Mediterranean To Go (Middle Eastern Food),
~ Raphio Craft Chocolate (locally roasted single source chocolate, chocolate nibs)
~ Top of the Hill Jams & Dried Fruit

Not currently attending market:

~ Erickson Cherries  (local cherries - May 11 start date)

~ Mendoza Farms C.C.O.F. (organic and conventional strawberries)

~ Rocky Oaks Creamery (local artisanal goat cheese Returning March 14th, 2020)

~ Thor Farms (early season blueberries)

~ Triple Delight Blueberry C.C.O.F. (organic blueberries)

Vineyard Farmers Market accepts EBT.

Remember, we are here for you on the Northwest corner of Blackstone and Shaw, every Wednesday from 3 to 6 PM and every Saturday from 7am to noon, rain or shine, year round.

Representing local small family farms since 1980.