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May Farm Tours 2005

Members of the Vineyard Farmer's Market Association agree to a voluntary farm tour once every two years in order to be members in good standing.

This has evolved into quite a wonderful opportunity to share what makes each of our vendors exceptional family farmers! 


2004 Farm Tours

Three Sisters
Contact: Joe & Johnni Soghomonian
8624 S. Chestnut
Fresno, Ca 93725
(559) 834-2772

2005 started off very ambitiously with three farm tours in one day. The first stop on our May farm tour was Joe and Johnnie Soghomonian's CCOF certified vineyards, home of Three Sisters. 
Organic since 1980 the farm once belonged to Joe's parents and many of the eighty year old vines and walnut trees are still producing.

The trademark pump house also houses the offices for Three Sisters.

Joe and Johnni Sogohmonian enjoy showing off their organic farming operation.

One of the many beautiful rows with it's springtime cover crop of beneficial flowers and grasses.

Beautiful poppies make up a lot of what grows between the rows at Joe and Johnnies place.

We tour the farm in style on wagons towed by a trusty farm tractor!

This Owl house helps keep the rodent problems in check naturally.

Row 17 will soon be producing the wonderful grapes Johnni will bring to market.

Fellow vendor John Warner has a lot of questions for Joe Soghomonian regarding his choice of cover crops
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