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Members of the Vineyard Farmer's Market Association agree to a voluntary Farm Tour once every two years in order to be members in good standing.

This has evolved into quite a wonderful opportunity to share what makes each of our vendors exceptional family farmers! 


2004 Farm Tours

Couture Farms

Christina Couture at The Vineyard Farmers Market


Steve Couture's wheat is bountiful thanks to a very wet season.


The first Farm Tour of 2005 was with our newest vendor at the Vineyard, Couture Farms!

The third Sunday in the month of April 
found a handful of Vineyard Farmers Market members heading south for Kettleman City, home of Couture Farms.

Steve and Christina Couture showed us just what it takes to be a California Asparagus Farm! Steve's grandfather began in the farming business over 80 years ago dehydrating carrots in Modesto. As you will see this long history translates into a very well thought out operation. In addition to
asparagus, Couture also produces wheat, pistachios, and mixed melons.

Steve Couture shows us his pistachio orchard

Baker Matt Boosalis can't resist getting his picture taken in a field of wheat with his fresh raisin foccacia he brought along for us lucky tour attendees.

Out in a very unassuming  field of asparagus.










A luscious spear of fresh asparagus was quite the tasty treat!



After visiting the farm we traveled a short distance to Huron where Couture Farms packs it's asparagus for markets far and near!

The first stop on the asparagus's journey to market. Burlap bags of asparagus are loaded from trucks onto carts where they are wheeled in, washed and loaded onto conveyer belts.

The asparagus is loaded stock side up into plastic dividers before heading to a automatic cutter.



Here after the asparagus has been sized and weighed it is banded together and packed into boxes.





Couture Farms packing house in full production on a Sunday afternoon!

Vineyard Farmers' Market Vendors; John Warner, Michelle Reynolds, Don Lemming, Lou Pasquale, Sharlyn Pasquale, Richard Erganian, Ellen Erganian, Ed Mazzei
(Back towards the camera), Matt Boosalis and Steve Couture.
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