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The Vineyard Farmerís Market presents:



Saturdays at 10 AM:  

Chefs at the Market will highlight locally grown seasonal produce available at the Vineyard Farmerís Market and prepared by local area chefs.

Pumpkin Soup by Trelio












Vatche Moukhtarian of  Cracked Pepper Bistro enjoys being hand fed
Persian mulberries by Chef Mike Shackelford.

Local Organic Mixed Greens & Strawberry Salad
with Sweet Ginger Vinaigrette
by Cracked Pepper Bistro

sweet Ginger Vinaigrette

2 C    Sugar

2 C    water

1      1" piece ginger, peeled and minced

1/4 C  soy sauce

1/4 C  rice wine vinegar

1/2 C  salad oil

1    T   sesame oil

Combine sugar, water, and ginger in a small pot and bring to a simmer. Once the syrup has developed a strong ginger flavor, remove the ginger and let it reduce until it starts to thicken. Transfer the syrup into a mixing bowl, and whisk in the remaining ingredients.



Fall 2006 Chefs at the Market participants included:

October 14, 2006  Malachi Harland  

Click on photo to go to Youtube video of the demo

The Chefís Table
October 21, 2006 Dr. James Ritchie

Click on photo to go to Youtube video of the demo

Senses World Cuisine  
October 28, 2006 Mike Shackelford

Click on photo to go to Youtube video of the demo

November 4, 2006 Michelle Orgill Lantana
November 11, 2006 Vatche Moukhtarian Cracked Pepper Bistro
November 18, 2006 Sharon Alexander   Upstairs Downtown


All demonstrations are scheduled to begin at 10 AM.

Each chef will create a unique dish to showcase the best of our fall food offerings.

contact : info@vineyardfarmersmarket.com



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